• Roster: EWA (Deceased)
  • Debut: WWE 2K16

Aquarius made her debut during the 2K16 season as an EWA  representative on the new RWF show 'REKless Roses'. 

Aquarius went on to capture the Divas Championship an impressive 3 times and will be remembered for her infamous feud with RWF owner 'Revan' which ended with them being forced to team together and becoming the first ever REKless Tag Team Champions.

On November 18th 2017, Aquarius was selected alongside many other EWA & RWF stars by the President to protect the world in the XCOM-2 wars. Shortly after, she would be killed on the battlefield cutting short the career of one the biggest rising talents in EWA history.



Championship History:

  • REKless Tag Team Championships - 1 Time
  • EWA/RWF Divas Championship (Retired*) - 3 Times

* The Divas championship was rebranded to the REKless Roses championship in 2016








WWE 2K17

WWE 2K16