• Roster: EWA (Missing)
  • Debut: WWE 12

Dregs burst onto the scene in WWE 12 when he was a contestant on the 1st season of JDW New Blood. Dregs would go on to win that season and was offered an EWA contract in WWE 13.

Dregs would go on to dominate the heavyweight division and quickly aligned himself with the 'Beer Invasion' becoming an official member and going on to hold the EWA Heavyweight championship 4 times.

in 2018, Dregs was selected to aid the EWA in the X-COM 2 Wars. In an extreme act of bravery, after the team were shot down & ambushed, Dregs sacrificed himself to keep the enemy at bay while the rest of the team boarded the rescue ship and escaped. To this day he is reported as M.I.A, as all contact was lost and the search teams found nothing upon their return to the scene. 



Championship History:

  • EWA Heavyweight - 4 Times
  • EWA Ring of Steel Championship (Retired) - 1 Time
  • JDW Championship (Retired)- 1 Time
  • JDW New Blood Winner - 1 Time








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