• Roster: EWA
  • Debut: WWE 2K16

Knucks made his debut in 2K16, when he was selected to compete in the 1st season of JDW Performance. he was one of 6 people to graduate from JDW that year and was offered an EWA contract in 2K17.

It's rumoured that he was a wanted criminal when he tried out for the Performance Centre as he was still wearing his orange prison uniform, but he admitted that he'd just been released and couldn't afford any new clothes at the time.



Championship History:

  • RWF Championship - 1 Time
  • REKless Underground Championship - 1 Time
  • JDW Rookie Tag Team Championships - 1 Time
  • SPW Shattered World Championship - 1 Time








WWE 2K18

WWE 2K17

WWE 2K16