ribena Steve


  • Role: GM of EWA Classic TV
  • Debut: WWF: Here Comes The Pain
  • Married to: Uriko

Ribena is the Original EWA Legend and the father of 'Faz Fhunder'. He is also the active GM of EWA Classic TV, and the current EWA Classic Tag Team Champions with DWF Owner 'Nightmare Vulture'

Ribena first burst onto the scene back in 2004, working with the DWF during their HCTP season, but would eventually join with his long time rival 'Meltdown' to create a direct competitor to the DWF. This partnership proved too volatile to maintain and the EWA descended into in-fighting and an eventual civil war between the two.

Ribena left the promotion in 2005, but briefly returned in 2006 before walking away again.

In 2016, Ribena made a shocking return to EWA TV, attacking his son 'Faz' which would lead to a personal feud between the two and a huge finale at EWA Wrestlemania VII. This didn't end up being the case with Faz picking up the win in just over 2 minutes, sparking complaints & refund requests. The Controversial end to this match did not go down well, with fans & critics claiming Ribena took a dive to get over his son, but this has never been proven and given his championship record this seems unnecessary.

In 2017 Ribena was offered the job as GM of the EWA's new Classic TV venture, although some fans argue that this is just a way of showcasing Ribena and his old mates.



Championship History:

  • EWA Heavyweight - 2 Times
  • EWA Heavyweight (NJPW) - 1 Time
  • EWA Classic Championship - 1 Time
  • EWA Classic Tag Team Championships - 1 Time









WWE 2K18

WWE 2K17

WWE 2K16

SVR 2006


Here Comes the Pain




WWF: No Mercy